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Why Essential Wholesale?

Essential Wholesale & Labs proudly offers one of the most diverse selections of Natural and Organic products and ingredients available. Essential products can be filled directly into your own packaging, or with our low minimums, we can fill your packaging for you. Essential carefully formulates each product to be easily enhanced with essential oils, fragrance oils and extracts. Using Essential products as a base, you can create your own unique products your customers are sure to love. Knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer questions during business hours and are happy to help guide you. When you are ready to create a completely custom line, or if you just need some extra help with creative solutions, we also provide custom formulation services.

At Essential, we believe that being a good partner to our customers, and this amazing planet we call home is a top priority. Because of this belief, Essential carefully selects its ingredients taking into consideration sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. We purchase organic ingredients whenever possible and we never test on animals. Our vast selection of ingredients and products gives you the chance to pick a price point for any budget. We offer the highest-quality natural soap making supplies, aromatherapy, and cosmetic making ingredients with over a thousand different items to choose from, including cosmetic bases, essential oils, carrier oils, exotic butters & waxes, cosmetic & soap making ingredients, fruit & herbal extracts, organics, and so much more.

  • • Huge selection of naturally derived cosmetic products
  • • Premium Natural and Organic ingredients
  • • Ethical testing, sourcing & transparency
  • • Small run custom batches
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