About Us

Essential Wholesale & Labs is an FDA Registered and a USDA Organic Certified company manufacturing under the highest standards of quality control, in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Our seasoned and knowledgeable staff can provide assistance in product development, including product formulation, packaging, labeling and testing. We are able to produce between 5 to 5,000 gallons per day in order to meet the needs of clients large and small.  Our cGMP compliant facility through both in-house or third party labs has testing that encompasses the full spectrum of Microbiological Testing, including Aerobic Plate Count, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing and Shelf Life Stability Testing.We retain batch and lot samples of all our bases for 2-3 years so we can compare and determine shelf life stability for your peace of mind.

Our Clinical Testing area can provide independent pre-market evaluations for a variety of consumer products. Clinical safety and efficacy for cosmetics. In addition, many studies are designed to test the safety and claim substantiation in new raw materials and industrial chemical compounds. Clinical trials may run either under GLP or GMP regulatory requirements.  All our testing can be done for your products for a fee.  Our able staff includes Chemists, Licensed Estheticians, Certified & Registered Aromatherapist, Private Labeling Service Experts, a Graphic Design Department, Customer Service, Shipping and Production Staff.

We DO NOT, nor have we ever tested on animals.

Custom Manufacturing and Private Label business produces thousands of customized natural products for businesses large and small all over the world. From completely natural to semi-natural to not natural at all. Since we have one of the lowest minimums in the industry, we attract our share of Home based and small businesses and it reminds us of how we started. We love the small, home based business people as they are the visionaries in this industry and they help regulate change where it needs to be. We have faith in you, so never give up.

Today, we are growing throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and into the World Wide Web. Essential Wholesale & Labs is committed to you and your needs, so if there is something we can do for you or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The new owners take an active role in the daily operation of the company. Although the company has grown, we still believe that every customer is equally as important and deserves the highest level of customer support.  We want your business and we want to prove that to you. We don't claim to be perfect, but if you develop a relationship with us, we will always treat you honestly and ethically. You will  have a partner in business that cares about your success. Our business grows if your business grows.

Our goal is to help you establish, grow and fulfill your business dreams. To ensure your business remains viable for years to come, we pledge to supply the highest quality products at a great price. We invite you to browse our online store and venture down the path of starting your own business. Again please feel free to contact us with any questions and comments! We love to hear from our friends.


Diane Humke - President: Diane attended Oregon State University, majoring in business. She joined a business advisory group called the Chief Executive Forum in 1992 which she is still active in today. She has received an excellent business education through that group and considers it the main reason for her business and financial success. Eventually her family sold the business to a key employee in 2007 afterwhich she and her husband retired at the age of 51. After a few years of travel, they settled in Scappoose and in November 2010, went to work for Dennis and Kayla as COO of Essential Wholesale. Over the years she has faced many significant business challenges and learned from all of them. She is a well rounded, honest business person and has surrounded herself with other successful business professionals and has continued to learn from them and grow her knowledge base. She has done her best to mentor and provide opportunities to grow for people who have worked with her. She thinks her best years and greatest successes are still ahead of her and loves getting up each day. In case you can't tell, she is an incurable optimist.


Laura Badcock - VP/ General Manager: Laura has been with Essential Wholesale since 2004 and has hands on experience in every department. Her school education in South Africa provided a very firm foundation on which to build later business credentials and work ethic. After moving to the USA in her teens, she started in the sales world before graduating from high school. Early on in her work life, she discovered an interest in health and the cosmetic industry because of a personal battle with cystic acne and through interactions with the public.


Alex Badcock - VP of Graphics and Design: With years of experience in all aspects of graphic, web and creative design. An expert in POP Displays, Labels, Catalogs and Web Design. He has a BFA degree in Digital Media and Painting from Southern Oregon University. He designed for companies with international exposure before coming to us and is a huge advantage to your next graphics design project. See our Graphic Design page for details on how we can help you today.

Our Amazing Customer Relationship Staff: Erinn, Julia, Michael, Kathy, Brenda, Daniel & Glori make up the backbone of our customer relationship and sales department. They keep the orders flowing out the door by taking your orders and handling any service or product issues so that you get what you want when you need it. 

Most Awesome Production Staff: The folks in production not only make, fill and ship your products but they do it with great care and skill. Compounders, Pullers, Shipping/Receiving and Private Label Fillers make up this great team. And no, you can't have any of them... they are ours. Humph!