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Stock up and save on everything on the website. Carrier oils, essential oils, masks, serums, scrubs and polishes, … even USDA Certified Organic ingredients and Overstock items.

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  • Ready To Label
    Thirty-four of our most popular products are now available in retail/travel ready sizes!
  • Baby Care
    Designed with the health and happiness of all children in mind...
  • Conditioners
    Luxurious conditioners designed by Essential contain the perfect combination of humectants and organic ingredients to effectively moisturize all hair types.
  • Cremes
    Rich and luxurious, Essential crèmes are formulated with the most effective botanical ingredients available. Customize your crèmes by adding preferred scents or tinctures!
  • Facial Cleansers & Exfoliants
    Essential has combined organic botanicals, exotic extracts, rich oils, and nourishing vitamins to create elegant, luxurious, effective cleansers and exfoliants.
  • Spring Selections
    Out with the "old" and in with the new! We are constantly rotating stock or trying new one-off formulas that will not go into large run production. Please note some of these are discontinued items that just don't sell well for us. If you really rely on them in your line-up you can always contact our custom sales department who can help.
  • Hair & Body Washes
    Our Hair and Body Washes are perfectly pH-balanced for the entire body, making them the most effective
  • Jellies
    Organic Aloe Juice is the basis of all of Essential jellies which are formulated to meet the styling and body care
  • Lotions
    Rich oils, delicious extracts, and organic ingredients make Essential lotions the most nourishing and hydrating available. Your customers are sure to love how soft and supple their skin feels.
  • Masques
    The finest clays, extracts, and botanical ingredients combine to make the most beautiful and nourishing masques available.
  • Melt & Pour Cosmetics
    Essential has combined rich oilsbutters, and exotic botanicals to make melt and pour products that are easy and fun to use.
  • Men's
    Created with naturally derived and organic ingredients, these are built with men in mind.
  • Shaving & Styling
    Shave, style and smooth without harsh chemicals. Choose from vegan, organic...
  • Mineral Makeup
    High quality mineral make-up in bulk and pressed ready to put you in business overnight.
  • Body & Facial Oils
    Essential has created elegant and effective oil blends that are perfect for shaving, perfuming, massage, or facials.
  • Organically Preserved Bases
    Essential’s innovative organic preservative system made from flower and plant extracts in an organic alcohol base makes these products as close to nature as they can be. Even your most discerning and judicious customers are sure to love this line.
  • Salts, Soaks & Powders
    Organic extracts and exotic sea salts along with nourishing essential oils combine in Essential salts, soaks, and powder products 
  • Scrubs & Polishes

    Essential scrubs and polishes are loaded with beautiful oils and exotic salts to bring a flawless glow to skin.

  • Serums
    The finest botanical and organic ingredients are selected to create the most beautiful, luxurious, nourishing serums available. 
  • Spa
    All your spa needs fulfilled here. An excellent collection of lotions, soaks, and oils to complement any back bar. 
  • Splashes
    Refreshment is just a splash away for your customers with the Essential select collection of aftershaves and organic toners.
  • Sprays
    Organic aloe leaf juice and other beautiful ingredients combine to make our sprays truly luxurious and easy to use and scent.
  • Toners & Astringents
    Teach your customers the importance of preparing their skin before moisturizing and nourishing with Essential refreshing toners and clarifying astringents.
  • Supplies
    Bottles, scales, brushes and so much more.
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