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The February Essential Wholesale Employee of the Month is Alex.  I am sure he never knew what he was getting into when he interviewed at Essential Wholesale to be our first in-house graphic designer four years ago or so.  We didn't have space for him at the time and I worked out of an office/kid room next to the lab that had enough room for another desk.  We were optimizing every inch of space so Alex found himself working in my office, which also doubled as Caiden's playroom while the big kids were at school.  The two of us tried to concentrate in between the constant questions of Caiden, who was 3 years old and full things to talk about. 


Coopermindcontrol Alex has in many ways created a family at Essential Wholesale and I mean that quite literally.  Not only did he become part of the Essential Wholesale family, but he also married Laura, who interviewed and hired him to work here.  On Christmas day Laura and Alex brought a new member into the Essential Wholesale family when they had a baby boy named Cooper.  (Update on Cooper – he is now 6 weeks old, 11 lbs, 22.5 inches, cute as a button and loves his Auntie Kayla.)  Dennis and I have found great joy in being part of journey Laura and Alex are on as a young family. 

Alex is a natural choice for Employee of the Month because of his die-hard dedication to his job.  He treats Essential Wholesale like he owns it and he brings that same passion to every graphic design job he does for our customers.  He has been especially busy since he and Dennis built the Private Label Selector which has made turn key cosmetics available to every size company. 

Alex is the one who makes us look good on the web, on the shelf, in print, at tradeshow and everywhere you see Essential Wholesale, Essential Labs and Essential U.  He is also the clever guy who wrote the very silly "little known facts" on the About Us page for key management.  I can walk into Alex's office and mumble a few thoughts on an idea and Alex makes it happen.  His rendering of my idea is always better than I imagined. 

I decided that this interview style would be a fun way to share some of Alex's quirky, easy going and creative personality.  And I say quirky with all love because quirky is the new cool to me. 

Tell me about your pets?

We have two cats Bommerang (the needy one) and Billy (talks too much.)


Where are you from and why did you move here?

I am from Medford, OR.  I moved up here in the early 2000’s because the Rogue Valley walls felt as if they were closing in. Although I don’t take advantage of all the activities and events Portland has to offer, I do like knowing that everything is accessible within 30 minutes.

How long have you been here at Essential Wholesale?

I would need to check the books…could be a week or over 4 years, I'm not counting.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Now? I am getting acquainted with our baby, Cooper. So, change diapers, interpret cries (Was that Naaaaa or Waaaaa?), burp him, hold him… I think I have seen him smile, but spit-up usually follows. Other free time is spent in the garage or in my office organizing/listening to music.


Hobbies & Special Interests?

I like to play with electronic instruments and modify whatever I can around the house. It is rare that anything bought comes out of the box the way I want it. Everything usually needs a new chip or larger hard drive. “Mo’ Powa Mo’ Betta” (I hope these are Coopers first words.)

What do you like about worki
ng at Essential Wholesale?

I like the activity. Everybody is moving and we never seem to run out of things to change or do. Who would have thought the world of personal cosmetics could be so… busy.


Your favorite products at Essential Wholesale?

Anything that contains Peppermint & Tea Tree works for me. I have also used our men’s products. Very nice.


Anything you would like to share with Customers?

I usually don’t like to post quotes, but this really spoke to me. “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Not sure where or when this came across my path, but it makes sense.


Are you planning on being on the PTC race?  If so, why? Did you do it in ’08? Tell?

Yes. At least once a year I like to do something outside of my office walls. I was on the Essential Wholesale OrgaNuts team and had a great time. Other than the sore muscles and feet, I really enjoyed walking towards the coast and seeing the sunrise. I don’t see that very often.



4 Responses to “Alex is the Employee of the Month”

  1. Julie Miller

    Alex is a man of many talents. I enjoyed his nugget of wisdom. “Pleasure in the job,puts perfection in the work”. He is a living example of that.Congratulations on Fatherhood, and I hope you enjoy that Primo parking spot!!

  2. bernie koch

    Alex, congrats I had no idea I was dealing with a celeb. I just thought you were a dedicated young professional with a great personality.

    Thanks for all your help,Bernie Koch

  3. Lesley Craig

    Hey Alex,

    I am proud to be your mother-in-law and just love your latest product, Cooper!

    Love youLesley Anne (mamaLA)

  4. Beryl Wearne

    Hi AlexWhat a good looking family congratulations on Cooper! Hope to meet you all one day.All good wishesBeryl (ask your M.inLaw who I am!)