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Natural and Organic Cleaning – Bring in Spring the Essential Way Spring is here in all its beautiful flowery glory, birds are singing, plants are showing their first buds, and summer is just around the corner! After a long, long winter it’s time to throw open the windows, let in that fresh spring air, and… Read more »

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The fundamental principle of aromatherapy is that when people smell botanical oils, or absorb them through the skin, aromatic molecules in the oil transmit messages to the limbic system of the brain, which affects mood, arousal, relaxation, stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and possibly many more biological functions.   Scientific support the efficacy… Read more »

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Essential Wholesale & Labs is introducing Marigold Butter to replace our discontinued Calendula Butter. Calendula Butter has been a very popular product, but we have had problems with inconsistency in the aroma. We believe we have fixed this by replacing Calendula EO with African Marigold Essential Oil. Marigold (Tagetes minuta) is a close cousin of Calendula… Read more »

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At Essential Wholesale & Labs we are business builders providing you with the materials and expertise your company needs to grow and thrive.       In addition to working with private label clients to create brand new formulations unique to their own businesses, Essential Wholesale & Labs produces hundreds of stock cosmetic and personal… Read more »

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what says Happy Valentine’s Day like rich dark chocolate? If you have ever read the quote, “Forget love — I’d rather fall in chocolate!!!” and agreed, then we have the perfect product for you.     Essential Wholesale & Labs would like to give you something special… Read more »

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Recently a client asked why, if essential oils have anti-microbial properties, we don’t preserve our bases with essential oils.     It is an excellent question. Essential oil lovers are seeing more and more studies demonstrating that essential oils have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Tea tree, cinnamon, clove, wild oregano, peppermint, thyme and other… Read more »

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Turmeric, best known to most people for its use as a vivid yellow powder used in spicy Indian cuisine, is one of the most exciting ingredients in cosmetics, personal care and alternative medicine.   The subject of over 5,000 peer reviewed biomedical studies, turmeric is claimed by some experts to be equally effective as at… Read more »

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Essential Wholesale & Labs is bringing back the popular vibrant pink Freesia colorant.     Made with platelets of mica, titanium dioxide and a small amount of carmine, this vivid lustrous pink is perfect for eye shadows, blushes and glosses. Freesia imparts an antiqued pearlescent appearance with is particularly useful in creating a complex interplay… Read more »