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After recently chatting with several customers, I realized that facial skincare is still an elusive subject. We all want healthy skin, and a great complexion starts with drinking plenty of water, a good diet, and proper cleansing, toning and hydrating. A good cleansing, toning and hydrating routine are often forgotten or dismissed as unnecessary to achieving… Read more »

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Essential Kitchen Chemistry Videos Are Back! Essential Kitchen Chemistry videos are back and all new! In response to many requests from you, our amazing customers, we are posting new videos to our YouTube channel and have created a Video Page right on our website.   2 Types of Videos: Custom Blend and Fresh Batch You… Read more »

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Essential Wholesale & Labs recently launched several new USDA Certified Organic products. You may have even purchased the organic sample pack to give them a try. Our entire team has been excited about these new products not only because we love using them, but we’re also celebrating the success of creating new products with USDA… Read more »

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Meet Iresha, She’s a superstar in our filling department and an absolute joy to work with. You will rarely see her without a big smile!     What do you do here? “I fill products into our customer’s packaging.” Iresha also makes it a fun job, always laughing and smiling while she works, it’s downright… Read more »

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Many of us who lead a natural and organic lifestyle know the benefits of natural products, and how effective natural choices can be. With the rate of growth in the natural product sector, the FDA is paying closer attention than ever to claims made by natural product companies, including Essential Wholesale & Labs. Essential Wholesale… Read more »

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Have you tried our amazing oil blends? With cleansing oil being the next big thing, and all natural skin rich oils that replenish and nourish being the thing of now, you must try Essential Wholesale & Labs Oil Blends! Our newest additions that keep people asking for more are our Essential Exotic Face & Body… Read more »

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Your kitchen is full of all sorts of great beauty ingredients. I like to mix well-known folk remedies with research and aromatherapy. This simple hair masque is great for your hair and scalp. Apples contain procyanidin B-2 which studies have shown beneficial properties for hair. Apple cider vinegar removes build up from your hair and leaves it… Read more »

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Essential Wholesale & Labs is committed to offering the highest quality natural and organic products and ingredients. We are proud to announce the addition of Virgin Cold Pressed Baobab Oil to our selection. What’s Baobab Oil? Holding a paramount place in African Savanah communities, Baobab oil has been used by women since ancient times to… Read more »