Girl in bath with rose petals

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In ancient times, many of the conveniences of modern life were reserved for royalty. Comfortable beds, exotic foods, and luxurious baths to name a few. Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt, took baths in sour milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin. Legend has it that 700 donkeys were needed to provide enough… Read more »


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Because There’s Always Time to Show Your Appreciation. by Alex Badcock, VP Marketing Operations Let’s face it, we all like to be thanked; we all want to be valued and appreciated whether we’re spending $10, $100 or $1000 or more. Creating a rewards or loyalty program not only gives your customers a jolt of appreciation,… Read more »

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Hurrah for Summer! We love summer, and the Summer Solstice lands this year on June 21st. It’s time for us to spend more time outside enjoying the longer days here in Portland, (and some of our favorite festivals down on the waterfront.) It’s also time to remind our customers about caring for products as the seasons… Read more »


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Goat Milk Bath Soaks – Recipe Ideas for Summer Feet and Summer Skin By Val Sanford, Bath Lover, Digital Marketing I love taking baths. Long, hot steamy baths with a glass of wine, a captivating book and an endless supply of hot water. It’s rare for me these days because like most of us, I have… Read more »


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7 Perfect Essential Oils for Sensational Summer Products By Kathy Steinbock, Cert. Aroma. R.A. The Scents of Summer Nothing brings back summer memories for me more than the smells of my childhood summers. Cut grass, citrus fruit trees in bloom, the buzz of summer critters and the bug spray used to outwit them. These are… Read more »


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  Compliance Corner By Steven Borden, Compliance Officer   Compliance and Your Product’s Label There are many important factors to consider when composing labels for your product, among the most critical being, the claims you intend to make. One always has to be able to offer substantiation for one’s claims and government agencies such as… Read more »


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Aromatherapy for Men by Kathy Steinbock, Cert. Aroma. R.A. Did you know there are a number of great essential oils whose scent are perfectly suited to a man’s temperament and sense of style? We’ve had chemical-based scents for ages. The over-flowing men’s product shelves at the grocery store confirm this; think Old Spice and Axe… Read more »

Kathy Steinbock, Cert. Aroma, RA

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  Kathy Steinbock is our resident Certified Aromatherapist and is Nationally Registered through the Aromatherapy Registration Council. Kathy is an account manager at Essential Wholesale & Labs helping private label and custom manufacturing clients create the exact scent profile they want. Kathy also provides assistance to our wholesale customers who are looking to scent one… Read more »

Face Washing

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After recently chatting with several customers, I realized that facial skincare is still an elusive subject. We all want healthy skin, and a great complexion starts with drinking plenty of water, a good diet, and proper cleansing, toning and hydrating. A good cleansing, toning and hydrating routine are often forgotten or dismissed as unnecessary to achieving… Read more »


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Essential Kitchen Chemistry Videos Are Back! Essential Kitchen Chemistry videos are back and all new! In response to many requests from you, our amazing customers, we are posting new videos to our YouTube channel and have created a Video Page right on our website.   2 Types of Videos: Custom Blend and Fresh Batch You… Read more »