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athy wants to make your life easier; she would love to fill your products for you. Kathy is the lead in our Private Label Filling Department. Kathy has a broad smile on her face, no matter how much work she has to do and what kind of deadline she is under. She has a great attitude and is always ready and willing work hard.


One time when we had a big deadline and she was working over-time, I had to force her to take her breaks, putting Muscle Jelly on her arms while escorting her to the break-room, because she was too focused to take care of herself. She treats every product that comes through the private label room as if it was her own.

Kathy actually came to work for us as part of the “Mom Squad” when they first formed. She loved her job so much that she asked to be hired on full time in June of 2007. Kathy is marrying her long time sweet heart, Kevin (the Compounder), on June 29th of this year. Their daughter Hope is 11 years old and the center of their world.  Kathy enjoys collecting Snowbabies with Hope, but her new love is water aerobics; she loves the water.  Kathy is also on the Essential Wholesale Portland to Coast Relay Race team: the OrgaNUTs. Kathy enjoys going for walks and with the focus of the team to get ready for the race, she will have plenty of opportunities to do that. 

In her free time, Kathy enjoys shopping. Her family also loves to camp together. Her very favorite place to go is along the Oregon coast. Much of her free time right now is dedicated to planning her up-coming wedding. It is really fun for us to witness the excitement of the upcoming nuptials since we have both parties working under the same roof. And with the Portland to Coast Relay Race coming up in a few short months, Kathy will enjoy all the training. 

Kathy loves working at Essential Wholesale. She enjoys seeing Kevin throughout the day  Kathy gets along with everyone. She really enjoys the people she works with and loves the products.  Kathy says, “I like what I do, it is fun!  I just like to work.” And her pure enjoyment is evident to everyone around her.  When I come into the private label room to QC product Kathy always flashes a warm and sincere smile.  Her smile is contagious. This fall I worked beside Kathy for about a week when the entire staff came together to meet a customer’s deadline. I am competitive and filling products became a race for me. It was humbling because she kept beating me, while quietly giggling. That’s okay. I still love her, and I am glad she is better at her job than I am!