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Sure you might be able get a copy of Kayla’s new book The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy faster at Amazon, but Essential Wholesale has the exclusive on signed copies of the book.  Kayla will be signing the first 75 books purchased through Essential Wholesale.  Orders will ship after December 12th. 

Here is what industry experts are saying about Kayla’s new book.

“In this book, The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy, Your Guide for Personal Aromatherapy and Entrepreneurship, that rightly brings aromatherapy to its next evolutionary step as a business, Kayla Fioravanti tells a story – well, two stories. One is a personal story that provides an inspirational foundation of what is possible in the business of aromatherapy. The second story provides an in-depth study necessary to develop an aromatherapy business of your own.

Kayla makes the most of her background and experience as a product formulator and manufacturer by introducing uncommon essential oil details. They include information similar to and beyond that found on an MSDS (Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet) like CAS numbers, flash point, appearance, INCI names and other aspects of ingredient classification. This vital information will help the novice, as well as seasoned aromatherapists, to become more tuned into the nuances and the vast array of detail required to become proficient at the use of essential oils. This is also valued information when purchasing your essential oils.

If you are interested in creating essential oil products for yourself or as a serious business venture, this is your learning and reference manual. What you get in The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy are ingredients, recipes, the facts, the myths, the cautions, the ins and outs of naturals and synthetics, brand building, marketing, sensible business practice and a vast array of aromatherapy manufacturing how-to. And if all you’re interested in is keeping your kids from getting the “sickies and ickies,” well, that’s in here too. In her breezy, yet direct and solid style, Kayla lays down the laws of aromatherapy – and you know she means business.” ~ Jimm Harrison, educator and founder Jimm Harrison Phytotherapy Institute and author of Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Esthetics

“After following the aromatic journey of this amazing woman for several years now in her videos, blogs, articles and more recently as a champion for protection from regulatory influences on natural product formulators and small business I am not surprised at the level of knowledge, expertise, and personal experience put into the fact packed book, The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy, Your Guide for Personal Aromatherapy and Entrepreneurship. Kayla Fioravanti, has put together the most useful book I have ever seen for the business of making and using aromatic products, from sourcing, formulation, crafting, soapmaking to manufacturing in general.

“Besides being a concise book on aromatherapy useful for personal or professional endeavors, the book debunks some aromatherapy myths like certain safety issues with essential oils, and pregnancy for instance. All the while this book provides details on product ingredients including essential oil characteristics not in other books such as FDA notations, FCC specifications, and physical tests such as specific gravity, refractive index, boiling point, etc. The entire variety of base materials that Kayla has used in products are detailed as well as soap making information- again material not found in other books.

Based on her experience Kayla shares Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines and formulation information with tips from experience including important information anyone making products needs to know, such as how to keep your products from being classified as a drug, and other such important information invaluable to those just going into business. Besides containing great resources such as essential oil profiles, aromatherapy schools, suppliers, crop calendar, weights and measurements, this book is packed with personality, and practical worthy tips based on Kayla’s experience raising a family, and running a successful business.

This will be one new aromatherapy book you will want to add to your library. I highly recommend this book for personal and professional use and it will be required reading for my students. Thank you Kayla for making this available, job well done!” ~ Sylla Sheppard Hanger, Founder/Director of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc. and NAHA Chair of the Safety Committee 


“Through The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy, Your Guide for Personal Aromatherapy and Entrepreneurship, Kayla has lifted the art of aromatherapy to a new level. Not only will you find information about essential oils, but you’ll also discover Kayla’s warm, witty perspective. This book is comprehensive, clear and beautifully presented. I love the recipes (“Messy Cupcakes” is my favorite), and with each page I turn, my love for aromatherapy deepens and grows. This book is an indispensable addition to the library of the aromatherapist, the entrepreneur and everyone in between.” ~Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Founder & CEO, Indie Beauty Network

“Lucky for us, Kayla has hit another home run with her second book! Her profound gift for distilling complex scientific concepts down to their essence shines through in The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy. This comprehensive, insightful reference should be staple in the library of anyone interested in natural products or organic medicine and any budding entrepreneur considering a career in the personal care market. Kayla’s candid recollection of her early days in business is as illuminating and inspiring a tale as any I have read. I especially appreciate the invaluable aromatherapy blending information, as well as the recipes and formulas sprinkled throughout the text. In short: this volume is a virtual goldmine brimming with wisdom from one of the brightest minds in the industry.” ~Lela Barker, Founder Bella Luccè and From Morocco with Love

‘Wow!’ is the word that best describes how I felt while reading Kayla Fioravanti’s new book: The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy, Your Guide for Personal Aromatherapy and Entrepreneurship.

I would recommend this book to anyone who already is an aromatherapist or has an aromatherapy business, and for those who want to start a new business in the wonderful field of aromatherapy. Schools that offer education in aromatherapy would also benefit by including this book on their recommended reading list.

The book was written with passion and devotion to the art of aromatherapy. I felt inspired when reading Kayla’s personal story of her aromatic adventure and how it all began with the essential oil of Tea Tree. She generously shares her personal experiences and her in-depth knowledge of the oils, both of which are invaluable when it comes to having a successful aromatherapy business. Kayla’s writing style is honest, understandable and refreshing.

Kayla’s start-to-finish ‘how-to’ tips offer the reader advice and knowledge that can be used time and time again. The book includes a detailed timeline of the history of aromatics, including labeling requirements, and everything in between. A section on essential oil profiles is followed by a vast list of resources. Everything but the aromatic kitchen sink can be found in this book! And come to think of it, there even is information on what type of sink space to include in your aromatherapy business space planning too!

I think the reader will enjoy and appreciate this book as much as I did.~Kelly Holland Azzaro, RA, CCAP, CBFP, LMT, NAHA President

“A little bit business inspiration, a little bit textbook and a lot of great practical ideas on how to work with essential oils and aromatherapy for your small business are packed into this helpful, down to earth book. Kayla writes with ease and makes even the most difficult concepts easily digestible for everyone from the home crafter to the accomplished businessperson. You’ll learn about how to blend essential oils, why to use certain oils, about crop growing seasons and much much more. This is a great reference book for anyone interested in essential oils.” ~Anne-Marie Faiola, Founder

“Kayla represents the saying, “when one door closes, God opens a window.” Even though she has experienced failure, she managed to do what evades so many, and that is to get back up and start again. Kayla’s knowledge of the aromatherapy world is vast, and she applies it not only in her business, but her personal life. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in learning more about essential oils, from blending to incorporating them into their business safely.” ~ Lisa M. Rodgers, Personal Care Truth



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