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Laura Craig, our corporate Wonder Woman, is suspected of being June’s employee of the month at Essential Wholesale.  Help us unravel the clues to find the 10 correct answers about our suspected Employee of the Month.  Can you guess which of the following facts are true about Laura?  Ten of these facts are true and the others are designed to mislead you.  If you are among the first five correct answers you will be entered to win a surprise gift from Essential Wholesale. 

Picnik collage

1. Secretly wanted to be a spy when she grew up
2. Is allergic to lettuce
3. Wears mismatched socks to work everyday
4. Has a set of throwing knives
5. Is a workaholic in need of a 12 step program
6. Wears the same size shoe as Alex, Kacie and Kayla
7. Weeps uncontrollably when she eats shrimp
8. Has 12 cats
9. Rides a Torpedo to work
10. Named her child after her favorite car and then had to sell her car
11. Has an identical twin brother
12. Has used the inside of a limousine as a slippery slide
13. Coached the South African Olympic Ping Pong team to victory
14. Lost her sense of smell on the plane ride to America
15. Has been married 3 years as of June 10th!

To play simply enter the 5 incorrect answers in the comments section below.  The first 5 people to enter the right answers will win a free surprise present from Essential Wholesale.  Family and Essential Wholesale employees are not eligible to win.  Some answers can be found within the Great People, Great Business section of the blog in stories about Laura, Alex or Cooper.  Some are hinted at in the About Us Section of the Essential Wholesale site.  And others will just be wild guesses.  Either way all the facts are very unusual. 

We have gotten 5 correct answers so the official game is over.  But feel free to take a guess and leave it in the comment section before checking the answer key that is here



50 Responses to “Laura Craig Suspected of Being the Employee of the Month”

  1. La Shonda

    Okay I am gonna give it a whirl!1)Rides a Torpedo to work2)Weeps uncontrollably when she eats shrimp3)Has used the inside of a limousine as a slippery slide4)Coached the South African Olympic Ping Pong team to victory5)Lost her sense of smell on the plane ride to America

  2. Kayla

    I can see already that this going to be a source of many giggles for me! I’m already laughing my head off. So far everyone has some right answers and some wrong answers. Really the truth about our Lulu (her nickname) is sometimes more interesting the what we could make up.

  3. Mel

    2, 7, 8, 12, 13,14 I’m not playing to win a prize I just wanted to see how well I could guess! :)

  4. meredith reilly

    this is too funny! LOVE the pictures! Here goes:#7, #9,#12, #2 and #4

  5. Carolyn Cleaves

    Love the photos. They’re so flattering. (rolls eyes) Okay. I think the following are NOT true:2,3,8,11,13. Maybe #10. Okay. I can’t cheat. So I’m staying with what I say .. 2,3,8,11,13.

  6. Kayla

    Here is a new hint: 2 people have gotten 4 out of 5 right…what is missing seems too strange to be true but it is true.

  7. Deborah

    Don’t know if these are anywhere correct. I search and search but could not find everythng listed. So here goes.


  8. Ruth

    How funny! I had a really hard time at choosing the correct incorrect answers. Laura sounds like one interesting lady (and she looks smoking hot in her mug shot, BTW)!

    3,8, 12, 13, 14,

  9. Melanie

    What a great way to break up my tax prep today. How about:3681113are false

  10. Dukette

    Well, I laughed, then I thought “go weird” … so I’m going with:3891113I love the products, so I hope the prizes are PRODUCTS (just don’t give me ones with SLS – my allergies, or scents, or …)! *sigh*

  11. Diane


    I should be making more labels…but..I had to try. :)

    That was fun – thank you!

  12. Carolyn Cleaves

    Wow! I get to guess again. Actually, I just wanted to come back and see Laura’s flattering photos. Here goes, #3, how can you wear mismatched socks EVERY DAY?; #8, she works too hard to take care of 12 cats; #11, she’s a woman …. how can she have an “identical” twin brother. #13, I know an Olympic coach. He lives and breathes his sport; #15, How can you be married 3 years today EVERY DAY? Hmmm? Does that make sense?

  13. Kayla

    Carolyn – Ok ok I fixed the “married 3 years as of today” because I meant it as 3 years as of the day that I posted it on June 10th. Even if that was a “false” there still remains another actual false answer. Otherwise your logic looks really good.

  14. Brooke LaFevre

    Ohh, I think I spotted a “hidden” clue….


    Back to soap making.

  15. Kayla Fioravanti

    Ok we have two people who have correctly guessed the five answers! Three more can win – next three to figure out which two entries are correct will be among the winners!

  16. Jennie

    Ok I don’t even know this person or work for the company, but this was posted to facebook and I love to win things ;-) so I thought I’d give it a try


  17. Kayla Fioravanti

    Thank you all for playing. There were five winners: Nysa, Elaine, Jennie, Rebecca and Brooke. I had so much fun with this game. Hope you enjoyed it too.