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Alpha Lipoic Acid (Powder)

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Alpha Lipoic Acid (Powder)

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  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid Powder is often referred to as the “Universal Antioxidant”. It rivals Vitamin C and E in it's antioxidant effects. This ALA does have a slight alcohol scent.

    Processing: Synthetic

    Appearance: Fine crystalline yellow powder

    Country of Origin: China
  2. Add to water phase of formula, great in emulsions and toners. For external use only.

    Ingredient Function: Antioxidant that helps to improve the appearance of aging skin.

    Recommended Usage Rate: 5% or less.

    Solubility: Soluble in alcohol - 1g is completely soluble in 2ml of alcohol at less than room temperature 66F.

    How to Store: In a cool, dark, dry place not over 77F.

    Warnings: Pregnant or lactating people, or those with known medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to using product.
  3. INCI: Thioctic acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid) powder
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Powder) (Sample)
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Alpha Lipoic Acid (Powder)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (Powder)