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Our mission is to help you grow your business.

We believe natural and organic products complement our hair and skin creating beautiful results without harming our environment. Through our small-batch processes, we provide exceptional natural and organic bath and beauty products to wholesale companies that sell under their brands, as well as DIY makers and crafters.
When you work with Essential Wholesale & Labs you can be confident you’re buying high-quality products and sustainably sourced ingredients. Whether you’re looking for ready-made products like USDA Certified Organic Hemp Acai Body Butter, bases such our Aloe & Jojoba Lotion, Essential Oils, Additives, Clays, or Melt & Pour products, you can trust them for yourself, your customers, your family, and your business. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, and to produce relevant recipes, blogs, and DIY videos about the products, ingredients, and business side of natural and organic skin care.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Sustainability is more than a buzzword at Essential. Our sustainability commitment shows in our business practices, responsible sourcing, massive solar power array, and our participation in UPS’s carbon neutral shipping program.

We carefully select all ingredients, taking into consideration sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. We purchase organic ingredients whenever possible and we never test on animals. In fact, we are a Leaping Bunny Certified facility and all our products meet Leaping Bunny standards. Our vast selection of ingredients and products gives you the chance to pick a price point that suits your budget, without compromising on quality or environmental impact.

These efforts reflect our core values: every team member, every product, and every day. Working together with our customers, suppliers, and business partners, we continually strive to reduce our impact on the environment while building value for the future. Learn more on our blog.

Fact-Based Formulation

We approach natural and organic skin care from a fact-based; not fear-based; perspective. We follow trends, sure, but what we really do, is follow the science. Our formulators do research; they study, they test, and they experiment so we can confidently tell you, our customers, what will and won’t work, and most importantly, why. 

Partner for the Future

At Essential, we believe in being good partner to our customers, and this amazing planet we call home. You’ll get weekly newsletters with industry news, special offers, how-to-videos, business tips and even an occasional rant about truth in labeling and the need for effective preservative systems.

We believe in going the extra mile with our customers. As this world moves to automated customer service, we still believe in customer care by having live conversations with real people. We provide safe shipping and handling instructions for severe weather conditions, and also provide safe storage. Our customer service team helps hundreds of customers a week find products that meet the objectives and budgets often creating a new combination unique to a single customer.

Formulation Services

Step into the world of cosmetic R&D, and hire our cosmetic formulators to develop unique and innovative formulas for your product line. Like one of our products but want to tweak it a little bit? Our formulators will help you semi-customize one of our existing products to suit your needs. Our R&D services include scaling your formula and coordinating any 3rd-party challenge testing. We can fill, label, kit, and pack out for Fulfilment by Amazon or other distribution partners. 

We work with companies big and small. We produce tens of thousands of units a day for some customers, and we also have one of the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry for custom formulation and manufacturing: 10 gallons in bulk, 500 units for 4oz or larger, 1000 units for under 4 oz., 1000 units for tubes. We can manufacture tens of thousands of pieces per day.

Custom formulation begins at $2100. Semi-customization of one of our products begins at $495 and Customer provided formulas begin at $595. Send us an email at info@ewlnatural.com to learn more.

We offer a variety of services from wholesale to fully custom manufacturing. You can purchase finished products, bases, and raw ingredients online, 24/7. For those of you for whom you want something uniquely yours, we also offer formulation, filling, labeling, kitting, and one of the lowest contract manufacturing minimums in the industry.

  • Private Label Manufacturing – Our product, your containers
    This is the fastest, most economical way to bring your product line to market. Just select one of our ready-to-market products or raw ingredients and we will fill your containers, label, kit and ship to your warehouse, to Amazon, or to another fulfillment center.  If you’re looking for bulk, just order off our website anytime you need to.
  • Semi-custom Manufacturing – Customized
    Are you looking for something just a little bit different? You can have us customize our stock products in our lab by adding Essential Oils, changing carrier oils or butters, using different additives or other similar modifications. We can provide your semi-custom product in bulk, or we can fill, label, kit and ship in your packages.
  • Custom Formulation
    Need something unique to your business? You can contract with us to create a customer formula from scratch in our lab. We can also ship your product in bulk, or fill, label, kit, and ship to your distribution center.
  • Contract Manufacturing of your Formula
    If you already have a formula, we can recreate it in our lab and manufacture for you. We can provide your product in bulk, or we can fill, label, kit, and ship to your distribution center.

Manufacturing and Filling Services

We can either manufacture your product and ship to you in bulk, or just send us your packaging, labels, retail boxing or anything else you’d like assembled into your shelf-ready product, and we’ll take it from there. Our facility can accommodate:

  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Glass or plastic jars
  • Round Tubes (40 ml to 236 ml  - some size restrictions so please talk with your account executive)
  • Logo Imprinted Foil Samples in 10 ml to 15 ml sizes
  • Deodorant Tubes
  • .15 oz. Sun Sticks
  • Melt & Pour tins
  • Manual or Machine Label
  • Lot Coding
  • Shrink banding
  • Pressure and Heat Induction Sealing
  • Retail Boxing
  • Fulfillment by Amazon Kitting
  • Pick Pack and Ship (with 3rd party local partner)
  • Distribution and logistics (with 3rd party local partner)

Fulfillment by Amazon

We can kit your products for FBA and ship directly to Amazon. Whether you’re looking for us to shrink band your retail package, or put into a retail box, bubble wrap bags, poly bags, or other outer container, we can handle it. Also, we can even include a thank you note or other gift.

Challenge Testing

If you want to complete challenge testing on your semi-custom, custom or provided formula, we will coordinate a 3rd party challenge test.

Talk to Us

You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Breaking news, in-depth ingredient reviews, how-to-videos and of course, special offers and coupons are all there waiting for you to join the party. 

You can also reach us at info@ewlnatural.com and through our blog.  Your opinion matters to us and truly helps shape the next generation of products and services we offer.

John Landforce
President and CEO

John joined Essential Wholesale & Labs in 2011 as a Board Member and management advisor. In 2014, John moved into the President’s role, providing marketing and operational leadership for the company. John currently serves as CEO and President, providing strategic and operational leadership. John previously served as President of Singlestep Technologies, President and CEO of Computer Stores Northwest, and Chairman of the Apple Resellers Advisory Board. He graduated cum laude from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Earth Science.

His favorite Essential Product?
Iced Pear Hand Crème – he just can’t get enough of the wonderful natural pear fragrance and he thinks his hands look awesome when he uses it.

Laura Craig Badcock
Senior Vice President and Chief Formulator

Laura joined Essential Wholesale in 2004 and has built and lead almost every department in the company. She is a licensed aesthetician and a certified cosmetic formulator. Laura has worked in spas, salons, behind makeup counters, and has run her own spa. She also brings her experience in technology and telecommunications to Essential’s operations. She is currently responsible for research and development, formulation and compounding, compliance, manufacturing and distribution functions. Laura has a passion for creating the best organic and natural products she can. She uses her extensive knowledge of raw ingredients and compounding process to create products our customers will love.

Her favorite Essential Product?
Walnut Body Polish. It leaves her skin smooth and revitalized, though she does not recommend it for delicate facial skin. She likes It so much, she used it as the base for our Blood Orange AHA Walnut Body Polish and our AHA Mint Walnut Body Polish.

Alex Badcock
Vice President IT and Design

Alex joined the company in 2004, bringing with him over a decade of experience in advertising and design. He is responsible for our ecommerce site, graphic assets, brand expression, and marketing logistics, as well as the company’s complex technical infrastructure. An avid technophile, his design philosophy is based on clarity: does the design support or obscure the message. He holds a BFA in Digital Media and Painting from Southern Oregon University.

His favorite Essential product?
Clear Peppermint & Tea Tree Hair & Body Wash. Zingy, refreshing and invigorating, Alex likes the clean all-day feeling this wash delivers.

Val Sanford
Vice President Sales & Marketing

Val began working with Essential Wholesale & Labs as a marketing consultant in 2012. In 2015 she joined the company full time to lead and grow our sales and marketing teams. An ecommerce veteran, she brings more than 25 years in traditional and digital marketing, product marketing, ecommerce, sales, and technology platforms. She has built and led global teams bringing cutting edge B2B and B2C technology solutions to market, with clients big and small.

Her favorite Essential product?
Coffee Salt Body Scrub. It’s caffeinated, salty, sugary, and is fun to put on your body. What more could one want.

Shirley Palmer
Finance Manager

Shirley Palmer joined Essential Wholesale & Labs as the Finance Manager in January 2014. She has over 30-years of experience in Finance and Accounting as well as extensive expertise in computer system setup and integration. Prior to joining EWL, Shirley was the Controller for Jeppesen Marine, A Boeing Company, where she managed over 80 employees in the Accounting, Administration, Tech Support, Production and Shipping Departments. Shirley also worked extensively on a $10 million system integration project which converted several domestic and international subsidiaries to a single operating system. 

Shirley spent 15 years working for Fitzpatrick & Co., CPA’s where she was responsible for the financial reporting of professional service, manufacturing, real estate, and non-profit businesses. While there she developed her computer system setup and integration skills and was able to establish her own financial and computer consulting business.

Shirley holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with an Accounting Option.

Her favorite Essential product?
Pink Grapefruit Lotion. She loves the bright citrus scent and how smooth and soft it makes her hands feel.

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