Summer Selections

  • Hemp Body Products
    We’re introducing brand-new Hemp product – USDA Certified Organic Hemp Acai Body Butter!
  • Skin Mocktails
    These gorgeous and fun mocktails not only soothe and hydrate, they make fabulous no-rinse hand cleaners, too. Try them on your feet, your legs, your hands — anywhere you need a little hydration. Each intoxicating gel is formulated with minimal ingredients and plant-derived extracts that impart a beautiful color without staining your clothing or skin. Rub all-over for a gentle cooling sensation and enjoy the fun and flirty scents of the tropics.  Available in bulk and Ready-to-Label.
  • Camping
    This pack is designed for all your camping adventures. Featuring five products reformulated for the woods, this pack is a great gift just in time for summer. From muscles, to bugs, to staying clean, this pack has you covered.
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