• Additives
    Ingredients that make your product POP as unique, innovative and effective.
  • Antioxidants & Vitamins
    Your skin loves vitamins too.  Find everything you need to boost your skincare products' vitamin content.
  • Butters
    From Mild to Wild! Rich exotic butters abound at Essential Wholesale & Labs.
  • Carrier & Fixed Oils
    High quality carrier oils for soap making, aromatherapy, massage therapy, skin care manufacturing and more.
  • Clays
    Mineral rich clays of various colors to meet all your needs.
  • CO2 Extracts
    Essential Wholesale & Labs is proud to introduce a new line of Carbon Dioxide extracts, including florals, aromatic herbs and Ayurvedic herbs.  Instead of steam distillation or chemical solvents such as hexane, CO2 is used to obtain the purest and finest constituents of the plant. 
  • Distillates
    A ‘distillate water’ or ‘hydrosol’ is the water that is co-produced...
  • Essential Oil Blends
    Our blends were developed by a certified and registered aromatherapist to create ready to use synergetic aromatherapy blends.
  • Essential Oils
    Essential Oils in Wholesale & Bulk - High quality unadulterated pure essential oils aromatherapy, scenting and more!
  • Exfoliants
    Physical exfoliants that can be used to create scrubs and polishes.
  • Gums
    Gums give that extra binding power to your formulas.
  • Humectants
    Key ingredients in moisturizers and hair care products.
  • Pigments
    Everything you need to brighten your world and products. Please note that all pigments are in powder form. We have limited stock - all products are while supplies last. Computer monitors vary in color representation.
  • Powders
    Powders A (aloe) to Z (Zinc Oxide) for versatility in your formulations.
  • Salts & Sugars
    Salts and sugars for creating your own scrubs, polishes, soaks, salts and even soaps.
  • Thickeners
    A little something something for when your formulas need a thickening boost.
  • Waxes
    We offer a variety of waxes from various forms of beeswax to vegan waxes to meet your formulation needs.
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