Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the difference between natural and organic skincare?
    The definition of “natural” has not been regulated by any government official.  According to the FDA, natural ingredients are referred to as "ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically." For cosmetic products made with organic ingredients, it is inferring that the ingredients are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  3. What brand names have you private labeled for?
    Many of our clients products can be found in places like Wild Oats, Whole Foods, Wegman's, Trader Joe's, Made in Oregon, Bendel's, Nordstrom's, Stroud's, Sephora as well as stores and boutiques all over the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, and even including flea markets because of our low minimums.
  5. Do you have stock formulations available for private labeling?
    Yes, please refer to our online catalog for selections of our various cosmetic bases that will meet your needs through our mother company, Essential Wholesale & Labs (www.essentialwholesale.com).  Our low minimum for private label is 500-10,000 units depending on size and product.
  7. Do you do reverse engineering of products from another company?
    Yes, as long as it is not one of our client’s product.  We will need sample of the product along with the ingredient deck.
  9. I do not see a product that fit my needs.  Can your Research and Development Lab make a product that I propose?
    Yes, our Essential Labs can provide R & D for custom formulation.  The fee for research and development is $2500/product that includes 5 hours of R&D and two sets of samples for your review.
  11. Who owns the formula once it’s developed?
    The formula will remain under Essential Lab’s ownership.  If the client is interested in purchasing the formula, the cost of the formula will not be established until it is actually completed.  The price will depend upon the complexity of the formula.
  13. What are the chances of my formula being manufactured for someone else?
    Once we complete the R&D for your custom formula we will only reserve manufacturing the formula for you.
  15. Will you keep my product idea confidential?
    Without the consent from our clients, any information given to us is treated as confidential.  We do not share lists with companies or disclose any information related to your business with us to anyone.  Your confidentiality is important to us and will be treated as such.
  17. I have my own formula and am searching for a manufacturer to produce it.  Where do I start?
    Please complete the starter pack and submit it to us along with your completed formula and methodology.  A pre-production sample is necessary for your evaluation prior to manufacturing. 
  19. How soon can you provide samples?
    Generally we can provide samples in 2-3 weeks unless we need to order a special ingredient for your sample.  
  21. How much does it cost to have a sample produced?
    Our custom sample is $95.00/sample, our Essential Wholesale base samples with just slight tweaks is $39.00/sample. Then there is a $170/hr for lab time and any additional cost of special ingredient.  The lab time is charged in quarterly hour increments.  
  23. What is your minimum for custom contract packaging?
    Our low minimum for private label is 500-10,000 units depending on size and product.
  25. Can the minimum units be broken down to different scents and colors?
    No, each scent, color and size is considered as one single product. 
  27. I cannot meet the 500 unit requirement for contract filling.  Can I order bulk once my custom formulation is developed?
    Yes, Bulk purchase is available for both custom formulation and stock formulation.  Our stock formula is available for purchase online in the size specified.  The minimum order for custom formulation is 40 pounds per formula.
  29. What is your standard lead time for manufacturing and to complete an order?
    Our standard lead time for contract packaging is between 6-8 weeks.  Production will only take place once we have all of the components (bottles, tops, boxes, labels, seals, contract, etc.) required for your project.
  31. I already have all my packaging components and raw ingredients.  Can you just mix and fill my containers?
    We have strict standards in testing of all ingredients and ingredient suppliers. Due to this, we do not manufacture using ingredients supplied to us by unknown sources and no test results.
  33. Do you provide the service of obtaining containers, caps, labels, silk screening, etc.?
    If you are ordering 10,000 pieces or more of the same container, we will aide in this. Although all these services may not be available in house, we are happy to provide these services to our customers through partners.
  35. Can you give me a “ball park” idea of what my product will cost prior to this process?
    Since each client and formula requires different needs, it is not possible to provide costing prospect without knowing exactly what your end product entails, whether it involves our stock formula with additive ingredients or custom formula. What size and type of packaging involved? What type of label will be applied?
  37. Can you quote my packaging project without seeing my packaging?
    No, costing a project involved many variables that reflect from the different packaging and label selected.  We will need a sample of each bottle, cap, and label for each product along with any additional special packaging requests that you may have.  We will also need to know whether you will be supplying the shipping boxes, or if you want us to supply them.  After we do the quote for you, any change requests prior to actual contract will need a re-quote.
  39. Can I provide my own decorated packaging?
    Yes, we need to evaluate a sample of the packaging prior to filling to determine product compatibility, equipment adaptability, and labeling compliance with cosmetic industry.
  41. Will you review my label prior to printing in regards to correct ingredient list and FDA requirements?
    Please refer to our label guidelines for more information and requirement.  We would be happy to verify the information on your label prior to printing.
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