1. What brand names use your private label service?
    We do not disclose our customer names. You will find many of our client's retail and spa products in stores national and regional stores, including Whole Foods, New Seasons, Made in Oregon, Market of Choice, Nordstrom's, Stroud's and Sephora.  HSN and QVC sell our products, and we have customers who compete on Shark Tank. Retail stores, spas and boutiques all over the US, Canada, Europe and Asia sell our customers' products. We also have many clients who sell at festivals and open air markets.

  2. Do you have stock formulations available for private labeling?
    Yes, please refer to our online catalog for selections of our various cosmetic bases that will meet your needs through our mother company, Essential Wholesale & Labs (www.essentiawholesale.com).  If you wish for us to fill into your packaging, our minimum requirement is 10 gallons. If you have a 1oz container, you would get about 1,240 pieces from 10 gallons. If you had a 16oz container, you would get about 70 pieces from 10 gallons.

  3. I already have all my packaging components and raw ingredients.  Can you just mix and fill my containers?
    We would prefer to have control over the ingredient sourcing and the testing of all ingredients and validating of all ingredient suppliers and we are an FDA certified facility and have strict standards. However, with that said, if you can provide all MSDS, Technical Specs and Certificate of Analysis for all your ingredients, we will produce final product for you. Know that we are not responsible for the ingredients and their outcome though.

  4. Do we buy containers, caps, labels, silk screening, etc., from Essential Wholesale & Labs?
    We are happy to help you find a provider for your containers, bottles, and labels however we urge you to look at our packaging page and reach out personally to suppliers. We find your experience to be far more enjoyable if you are the primary contact for the packaging house.

  5. Can you quote my packaging project without seeing my packaging?
    Unfortunately, we can't. There are numerous variables in a packaging project from the packaging size and shape to the label selected.  We need a sample of each bottle & cap with the label already affixed to the bottle to determine your preferred label placement and request any additional special instructions.  We will also need to know whether you will be supplying the shipping boxes, or if you want us to supply them. After we do the quote for you, any change requests prior to the actual contract will need a re-quote. 

  6. Can you recreate products sold by a different company?
    We will need sample of the product along with the ingredient deck. It will not necessarily be a true reverse formulation, meaning we cannot guarantee exact ingredient concentration, but we can do a method of figuring out the formula based on the sample and ingredient list.

  7. I do not see a product that fit my needs.  Can your Research and Development Lab make a product that I propose?
    Yes, our Essential Labs can provide R & D for custom formulation. The fee for research and development is $3000 per product, which includes five hours of research and development, and two sets of samples for your review. Once you have approved a formula, it is then sent to Challenge Testing. A complete and true custom formulation can take 9 months to finalize.

  8. Who owns the formula once a custom formula has been developed?
    The formula will remain under Essential Lab’s ownership.  For those interested in purchasing the formula we create for them, the cost of the formula is set when the product is approved, and the formula confirmed. The price will depend upon the complexity of the formula.

  9. Will my custom formula be manufactured for someone else?
    Once we complete the research and development of a custom formula, we will only manufacture the formula for the customer who commissioned and/or owns the formula.

  10. Will you keep my product idea(s) confidential?
    Absolutely. Every client's products and product ideas are kept confidential. Without explicit consent from our clients, any information given to us is treated as confidential and is not shared. We do not share lists with companies or disclose any information related to your business with us to anyone.

  11. I have developed my own formulas, and I am searching for a manufacturer to produce it.  Where do I start?
    Getting started with Essential Wholesale & Labs is easy. Your first step is to complete the starter pack intake form, found here. Once you've completed the intake form, send it to us at sales@ewlnatural.com.  If you need help during this process, our Customer Support Team is available to help.  An Account Executive will then be assigned to your account. For your planning purposes, you will want to include extra time for us to prepare a pre-production sample for your approval. The sample is a necessary step in your evaluation process with us and is completed prior to manufacturing.

  12. How soon can you provide samples?
    All formulas are a little different; however we typically can provide samples in four to six weeks if it is a semi-custom formulation or a formula that you have already created, tested and tried. If we need to order a special ingredient for your sample, it could take more time. If the formulation is completely custom, meaning neither Essential Wholesale & Labs nor you have ever tried this before, the samples require 7-8 months of intense development and challenge testing. You'll want to discuss this with your account executive to get more specific details.

  13. How much does it cost to have a sample produced?
    A fully custom sample outside the scope of the samples in the custom formulation fee, is $95.00 per sample. If you make a slight modification to an existing Essential Wholesale base, each sample is just $39.00. There is also a $170 per hour fee for lab time, billed in 30-minute increments after the first minimum hour charge. Additional costs for a special ingredient may apply.

  14. What are the minimums for a custom formulation?
    The minimums are the same as Private Label, so it's a 10 gallon minimum.

  15. Can the minimum units be broken down to different scents and colors?
    No, the minimum is per SKU. Your account executives can assist you in figuring out what will work for you.

  16. What is your standard lead-time for manufacturing and to complete an order?
    On average, we need four weeks for bulk delivery and six to eight weeks on private label if we are filling your bottles. Some formulations may take longer. Production will begin when we have all of the components (bottles, tops, boxes, labels, seals, contract, etc.) required for your project on site in our facility.

  17. Can you provide an estimate of what my product will cost before I start the custom product formulation process?
    We can only provide an estimate on stock bases that are being filled into your packaging or some semi-custom formulas. When it comes to custom formulas, we cannot provide estimates. Each client and formula uses different ingredients and has different requirements. The packaging, quantity and delivery instructions also add variations to the pricing estimate. You will receive a firm price for your approval once packaging and product has been approved.

  18. Can I provide my own decorated packaging for custom formulations?
    Absolutely! Just send us a sample of the package, cap and label, and we will complete a simple evaluation prior to filling. We'll work with you to determine product compatibility, equipment adaptability, and labeling compliance with the cosmetic industry.

  19. What are your return policies?
    On Private Label & Custom orders, we do not accept returns unless essential Wholesale & Labs did not deliver previously agreed upon items.

  20. Do you ship to my country?
    We ship all over the world, but request that you do your due diligence into the country for their dossier, custom and commerce requirements. This is your responsibility as the importer.

  21. Can I tour your facility?
    We hold Non-Disclosure agreements with all of our customers and honor their privacy. With that said, we can give a tour whenever we aren’t working on a customer’s project. This is a very rare occurrence and requires some severe planning. 

Working with Essential Wholesale & Labs

  1. Will I have an account executive?
    Yes, one will be assigned to you after your starter pack has been received and reviewed.

  2. I have submitted my Purchase Order and need to make changes. May I? 
    When a customer has put a PO into place no changes should be made, as processes would have already started flowing. If a change order really is desperately needed, it is a $800 change order fee. Please make sure your PO’s are final before submitting.

  3. I need to send my packaging for my fill job to you. How do I do that?
    Please make sure your vendor marks the box with YOUR name on it. We receive so much stock packaging through our facilities daily, that it is hard to determine one
    customers packaging from another. We cannot be held responsible for holding up production if we assumed your packaging was someone else’s. Please send packaging to:

    Essential Wholesale & Labs
    ATTN: "YOUR Company Name & YOUR EWL Account Executive’s name"
    2211 NW Nicolai
    Portland, OR  97210
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