Lavender Powder Laundry Soap

Lavender Powder Laundry Soap

Lavender Powder Laundry Soap

This Laundry Soap is a non-foaming, gentle, non-irritating and super-effective cleaning substance.
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Lavender Powder Laundry Soap - Sample (15 ml/1 tbsp)
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Lavender Powder Laundry Soap (7 lbs)
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Lavender Powder Laundry Soap (35 lbs)
    • $167.96

Essential’s Lavender Powder Laundry Soap is gentle and mild, yet extremely effective, making it perfect for your natural home cleaning line. The delicate aroma of Lavender calms and relaxes, as the fine-grained powder instantly dissolves into the fill water, without creating any sudsing or foaming action, which means clothes won’t have any white powder residue after the wash cycle.

Just super clean, fresh smelling laundry, and all without the use of harsh, irritating chemicals, fragrance oils, or fillers – just good, clean laundry fun that’s been family tested and mother approved - YAY!

Private Label Tip

This product is naturally scented. Package true to your brand’s aesthetics in a tub, resalable pouch, or eco-friendly cardboard carton. 
Package true to your brand’s aesthetic in a trigger sprayer with a narrow bottle for ease of handling.

Label compliant to cosmetic regulations

Organic content: 0%

For use in top and front loaders. Only use 1/4 cup (1/8 lb) per load. Do not use in High-Efficiency washing machines.
Household cleansers do not fall under the same labeling requirements as cosmetics and only require manufacturers to list "chemicals of known concern". We would disclose any ingredient(s) that would fit the aforementioned statement and stay true to the same methods we use for our cosmetic bases by staying cruelty-free. Concentrations of essential oils or alcohol are typically higher in cleaning products so we advise you not to use these on yourself or your clients/customers skin. We DO test on floors, walls, toilets, sinks, laundry, dishes or anything Cinderella's stepsisters would throw our way.

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Customer Reviews

  • Very Lavender and wonderful washing.
  • " I love this laundry soap. I use it with a vinegar & lavender EO softner. Our clothes come out clean and smelling lovely. "

  • Date: February 25, 2015
  • By: Jennifer

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Lavender Powder Laundry Soap

Lavender Powder Laundry Soap

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