Perfumer's Oil

Perfumer's Oil

Perfumer's Oil

This high-quality Perfumer's Oil avoids alcohol and achieves longer-lasting scent as the body warms the oil. The perfect start to creating your own branded perfume.

 Vegan    No Added Parabens    No Added Phthalates

 No Added Gluten
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Perfumers Oil - Sample (15 ml/1 tbsp)
    • $4.95
Perfumers Oil (16 fl oz)
    • $27.34
Perfumers Oil (1/2 Gal)
    • $102.67
Perfumers Oil (1 Gal)
    • $195.76
Perfumers Oil (5 Gal)
    • $787.27
Perfumers Oil (55 Gal)
    • $7,893.82

Essential's high-quality Perfumer's Oil is alcohol-free, just like the original perfume carriers from ages past. Oil base perfumes tend to last longer, as the body temperature warms the oil and deepens the scent, creating the best experience for your customers. The low odor profile, strong binding ability and extreme stability of our blend make it the perfect carrier for your creations. Let creativity soar and select your own combinations from the high quality essential oils we offer, or select one of Essential's own exquisite essential oil perfume blends; Bloomers, Bouquet, Elegance, Forest, Relaxing, Spicy Citrus, Women’s Balance, Woody and more…

Ingredient Super Stars

  • MCT oil
  • organic jojoba oil

Private Label Tip

To scent with essential or fragrance oils, combine preferred oils with sterilized mixer. Start small and build from there, as you cannot remove fragrance if you add too much. Allow product to settle before filling.

Formula: Product Weight x Percent you are scenting at = Amount of essential oil to add to your formulation.

Example: 104 oz. x .25% = 0.26 oz.

Package true to your brand’s aesthetic in a fine mister, roller ball, or vial meant for splashing. Remember to keep your design opaque to slow natural oxidation.

Label compliant to cosmetic regulations

Organic Content: 30%

Scenting Guidelines:
Perfume: 20%-40% essential or fragrance oils
Eau de perfume: 10%-30% essential or fragrance oils
Eau de toilette: 5%-20% essential or fragrance oils
Eau de cologne: 2%-5% essential or fragrance oils 
Common Names:
Medium Chain Triglycerides, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil

International Nomenclature:
Medium Chain Triglycerides (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride), Organic Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis)
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Perfumer's Oil

Perfumer's Oil

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