Decyl Glucoside

Decyl Glucoside

Decyl Glucoside

Decyl Glucoside was one of the first of the natural sourced polyglucosides.

 Vegan    Paraben-Free    Phthalate-Free      Gluten-Free
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Decyl Glucoside is a biodegradable nonionic surfactant derived from corn sugars and is an aqueous solution of a C8-C16 fatty alcohol polyglucoside. Has great foaming capacity and is mild and gentle on the skin. Can be used as the only surfactant or can be a co-surfactant in cleansing formulas.

Appearance: Clear yellowish viscous liquid.

Processing: Naturally Derived

Country of Origin: USA

This product is vegan.
For use in shampoos, body washes, bubble baths and hand cleansers.

Ingredient Function: Surfactant

Recommended Usage Rate: 5%-40%

Solubility: Soluble in water.

How to Store: All surfactants should be stored in 316 stainless steel or fiberglass with a corrosion liner. Mild agitation is recommended while storing to maintain homogeneity. Should be stored in sealed containers in a dry 55F-75F degree room.  Pumps, pipes and transfer lines should be 316 stainless steel.

Warnings: Normal safety precautions (i.e., gloves and safety goggles) should be employed when handling surfactants. Contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly after handling material. Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes. 
INCI: Decyl glucoside

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Decyl Glucoside

Decyl Glucoside

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