Beeswax (Yellow)

Beeswax (Yellow)

Beeswax (Yellow)

Natural, filtered, yellow beeswax pellets that are unbleached, unrefined and ready to melt.
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Beeswax (Yellow) (Sample)
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Beeswax (Yellow) (1 lb)
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Beeswax (Yellow) (3.5 lbs)
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Beeswax (Yellow) (7 lbs)
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Beeswax (Yellow) (35 lbs)
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Beeswax is a natural secretion of honeybees. Natural beeswax has a beautiful sweet smell of honey and a rich yellow color. 

Use this wax in creams & lotions for extra body, in balms and body butters for stiffness and rigidity, and in soaps and candles for hardness. 

Pure beeswax candles are better for the environment than paraffin candles and should be considered when making aromatherapy quality candles.
Essential’s Yellow Beeswax has a lovely natural golden hue, and offers that familiar, rich, deep honey-sweet aroma that can only come from real beeswax. 

A magnificent gift from nature’s honeybees, beeswax is one of mankind’s oldest and most valuable tools, with almost endless applications and benefits. However working with raw, unfiltered beeswax can be time consuming and challenging, but our Yellow Beeswax make all that work history!

Naturally filtered, with all the remnants removed, this handy, easy to use natural beeswax makes getting creative a breeze. Plus our Yellow Beeswax is the perfect eco-chic replacement for petroleum-based ingredients in a variety of cosmetic applications, adding wonderful emollient properties and water-resistant benefits too. 

It is also great for making eco-friendly, beautiful and firm beeswax candles, which are known to burn slowly, and drip and smoke very little, keeping air quality impact to a minimum. 

Our unrefined, wholesome Beeswax helps to create a wide variety of skin care products that offer exceptional soothing, smoothing and gliding properties, as well as adding extra body and density.
INCI: Beeswax

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Beeswax (Yellow)

Beeswax (Yellow)

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