Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel is a gentle moisturizer made from organic aloe leaf juice that can be used on skin of all types, including sensitive skin. Also makes a great base product.

 Vegan    No Added Parabens    No Added Phthalates

 No Added Gluten 
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Aloe Gel (Sample)
    • $1.95
Aloe Gel (16 fl oz)
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Aloe Gel (1/2 Gal)
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Aloe Gel (1 Gal)
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Aloe Gel (5 Gal)
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Aloe Gel (55 Gal)
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Maximum of three x 5 gallon pails per customer.

  • Excellent as a hydrating or calming mask, under-eye gel, or as a perfect hydrating foundation base, facial moisturizer, aftershave or full-body moisturizer.
  • Use as a base and add your own favorite ingredients.
  • Balanced for the skin’s pH between 4.2 to 5.8

Ingredient Super Stars

  • organic aloe leaf juice
  • vegetable glycerin

Private Label Tip

To enhance with essential or fragrance oils, combine preferred oils with sterilized mixer at 0.25%-1.0% of your final products weight. Start small and build from there, as you cannot remove fragrance if you add too much. Allow product to settle before filling.

Formula: Product Weight x Percent you are scenting at = Amount of essential oil to add to your formulation.

Example: 104 oz. x .25% = 0.26 oz.

Package this versatile jelly true to your brand’s aesthetic in a jar, tube, or roll-on treatment bottle.

Label compliant to cosmetic regulations

Organic Content: 91%

Aloe Gel can be used as a facial masque, light moisturizer, eye gel, or soothing body gel. As a masque, apply generously and leave on for 5-20 minutes before rinsing off. As a moisturizer, apply a thin layer and allow to soak in. Apply to areas that need cooling or calming jelly after sun exposure or skin chafing.
Common Names:
Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Witch Hazel Water, Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate

International Nomenclature:
Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Witch Hazel Water (Hamamelis Virginiana), Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate

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  • Bulk Aloe Vera Gel
  • " Just received my gallon jug of aloe vera, and I love it. Not only did they get it to me faster than expected, but the quality is A-1. Thank you! "

  • Date: March 16, 2020
  • By: Cyndy

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Aloe Gel

Aloe Gel

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