Benzoate Ester

Benzoate Ester

Benzoate Ester

Benzoate Ester is a plant-derived emollient.
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Benzoate Ester is the ester of benzoic acid and the long chain C12-15 alcohols. It is mainly used as an emollient and thickening agent.  It is a refined and deodorized plant-derived emollient with greater water solubility. It is extremely mild and spreads easily on skin. It will confer a dry, talc-like feel to skincare and cosmetic products, and has a high spreading coefficient.  It can be used as a solvent as well.

Appearance: Clear, almost colorless, liquid.

Parts Used: Plant derived.

Processing: Refined, deodorized.

Country of Origin: USA
Ingredient Function: Emolliant, Odor free, confers a dry, talc-like feel, is extremely mild to skin and eyes, spreads easily (high spreading coefficient) and serves as a solvent as well.

Shelf Life: 4 years from date of manufacture.
INCI: C12-C15 Alkyl Benzoate

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Benzoate Ester

Benzoate Ester

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