Konjac Powder (Certified Organic)

Konjac Powder (Certified Organic)

Konjac Powder (Certified Organic)

Konjac Powder is a water-soluble ground powder of an Asiatic tuber used primarily as a thickening agent.

 Vegan    Paraben-Free    Phthalate-Free      Gluten-Free
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Konjac Powder is a water-soluble ground powder of the Asiatic tuber, Amorphophallus konjac, a perennial plant belonging to the Araceae family, and used for over 1,500 years as a traditional medicinal and healthy cooking ingredient. The main component of Konjac powder is the polysaccharide, Glucomannan, which has about ten times the thickening power of cornstarch.

This USDA Certified Organic Konjac is rich in protein, lipids, fatty acids, plus vitamins A, B, C, D, & E, and natural minerals such as copper, zinc and magnesium. With this powerful combination of natural ingredients and gentle thickening ability, Konjac Powder also shines for use in the skin care arena as an exciting plant-based ingredient alternative to synthetic polymers, such as carbomer.

Konjac Powder is perfect for creating a variety of bath, body, skin and hair care products that require gelling/texturizing effects similar to those provided by synthetic polymers. It can help formulate clear, stable gels that maintain a soft and pleasing feel, without any tackiness, while providing a clean, plant-based ingredient option that appeals to the natural category.

This product is vegan.
Dosage: 0.5% gives same consistency of approx. 1% xanthan gum recipe; 1% Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder makes a thick gel.

When using boiling water it thickens faster than if using cold water.

To help as a thickener in an emulisified product like lotion, creams, etc use  0.05 -0.5%.

In closed containers the shelf life is 2 years. Konjac Glucomannan Gel Powder should be stored in a dry & dark place at temperatures below 77°F (25°C).
INCI: Amorphophallus konjac

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Konjac Powder (Certified Organic)

Konjac Powder (Certified Organic)

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